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Break Free from the Norm

When you’re feeling like a non-conformist, THE REBELLIOUS HAT is your partner in crime. Adorned with edgy details and a fearless attitude, this hat is the choice for those who dare to challenge the status quo, whether in fashion or in life.


Product Details>
  • Black western weight rabbit felt
  • 10 cm brim size // 9,5 cm crown size
  • Decorated with sustainable black leather band
  • Leather Black cord
  • Metallic chain and details on hat
  • Burn marks
  • Inside: handsewn sustainable black leather band and black line
This Hattitude is for you if>
  • Edgy and unconventional fashion appeals to you
  • You seek to make a statement and stand out
  • You have a rebellious spirit
  • You prioritize non-conformity
  • You may prefer leather jackets, band T-shirts, distressed jeans, and accessories with a rebellious flair.
  • You prefer to make your own choices and decisions.
  • You may express yourself through art, music, writing, or other forms of creative expression

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